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Kilm to me!




2 hours

About the Course

I won at yarn chicken, now what do I do with the leftovers? I made handspun yarn, now what?


In this workshop, we will make a mug rug using the KELIM (Kilim) needlework technique. We’ll use 2-4 yards each of 3-4 colours. Kelim looks like knitting, and the Fiddlehead Fibre Festival is all about knitting, so it’s a perfect match! Kelim brings the designs, colours and creativity of traditional rug-making to needlework, in a way knitters will love, and a project that you can complete in a weekend.

While you’re welcome to bring your heavy worsted/Aran weight leftovers for this project, we’ll provide everything you need, including a first pattern.

Supplies are included


Aida cloth or other base material 7-pitch plastic canvas

Yarn Briggs & Little Atlantic (Aran weight)

Size 16 embroidery needle


Simple needlework – using a size 16 tapestry needle, you’ll make stitches in a firm canvas.

Counting – the pattern is geometric, but the way the stitches work adds interest

Chess – these stitches move like a knight!

Colour combination – up to you. We provide lovely combos and examples: how you use them is up to

Your Instructor

Gaby Mann

Gaby Mann
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