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Fibres & Fabric




1 hour

About the Course

Wool, Alpaca, Cotton or …


Choosing the right fibre for the right project is the difference between a garment you love and one that never leaves your closet.


We will talk about the attributes of various fibres and what projects they work best for.

Every fibre has a place and knowing how they behave will mean that you have more success and you will be able to be more adventurous when building your stash.


We will look at gauge, blocking and laundry requirements to help make the best choices for every project.


You will get the opportunity to see and touch lots of swatches as well as a handout to use in the future to help you choose the best options.

1 hour in length

Instructor: Lucy Ann Stoop

Your Instructor

Lucy Ann Stoop

Lucy Ann Stoop
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