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Common Sweater Shapes




1.5 hours

About the Course

Over the centuries, knitters have created a variety of different ways to make sweaters - different traditional patterns, different shoulder/sleeve constructions, different body shapes.

In this lecture style class, we’ll look at some of the basic sweater constructions and silhouettes, and talk about the types of garments that make each of them shine.

“What is CustomFit?”

CustomFit is an online software that creates sweater patterns customized to your gauge and measurements. You can adjust the fit, the silhouette, length and sweater construction to truly personalize any of the dozens of sweater patterns, from designers such as Amy Herzog.

In this lecture style class, we will cover the basics of how CustomFit works. We will talk about the fits, silhouettes, lengths and sweater constructions available in CustomFit and the basic measurements you’ll need to get started.

Your Instructor

Meg Anderson Kilfoil

Meg Anderson Kilfoil
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